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Who are Carbon People?

We at "Carbon People" believe that appropriate measures for ensuring our sustainable future need to begin at a local level. Carbon People are committed architectural designers & drafts people specialising in energy efficient, passive solar & sustainable building.

By utilising a wide range of techniques & products, we are able to reduce the carbon footprint left by poor building and construction design.

These include high thermal mass, double glazing, high Insulation, lighting, water storage & grey water recycling, solar power & hot water, solar orientation, use of conservatories, permaculture, etc.

Construction techniques & materials include post & beam, earth covered building, mud brick, rammed earth, all conventional building & recycled materials including including concrete & stone. We build to the clients requests, but in a sustainable medium.

Our Philosophy


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We also want to promote the development of sustainable building practices, products and related services in general. To demonstrate our dedication, we're developing a web based directory of companies and individuals offering services relevant to this industry.

If you're planning a new building project, please feel free to consult this list for qualified professionals.

If you offer a product or service that could benefit from exposure in this directory, please contact us for information on how to list your business.

We also offer a number of advertising options should you want to promote yourself beyond a simple text based directory listing.
For information on these options please contact us.