We have all seen the “Mc Mansions “being constructed with poorly designed infrastructure. Planners and developers have not taken into consideration life cycle costs which are demanding on the owner’s amortisation. With sustainable planning, development & building, these costs can be reduced.

Passive Solar Houses

Passive solar houses are the simplest. They are an architectural approach to solar heating and cooling, using the forces of nature in combination with the fabric of the building.

A passive solar house becomes its own collector, storer and distributor of solar heat.
It is therefore low cost, ensuring ease of construction and operation, low maintenance and auxiliary energy input.

Active Solar Houses

Active solar houses are heated and cooled by “active” mechanical and hydraulic engineering systems designed to collect, store and distribute solar energy.

The component parts range from solar collectors, pipes or ducts, rock beds or water tanks to pumps, fans and control devices.

The design, installation and maintenance of these systems can be quite complex and are often expensive to purchase and install — also requiring outside energy input to run.

Hybrid Solar Houses

Hybrid solar houses use active and passive systems for heating and cooling. Houses with hybrid systems are often developed where site limitations prevent the construction of a completely passive house.

Assess your existing house

Carbon People can assess your house and advise on what changes are required to reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple and sometimes cost effective alterations can be made to convert your home to passive solar. With the addition of water & grey water recycling tanks (and other components) a much smaller footprint can be obtained.
Contact Carbon People to arrange for an assessment.
PLEASE NOTE: We're currently servicing Victoria only, but are in the process of negotiating with representatives in other states and territories — with the hope of ultimately servicing all of Australia.

Services we offer

All Carbon People designed dwellings exceed the minimum required 5 star rating up to 6/7 stars. We ensure:

Earth covered buildings

Earth covered building has emerged as the perfect building concept for the Australian environment. Environmentally sound, energy efficient, beautiful — and protected from disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and bushfires. Earth covered buildings fulfil the emerging need for a way of living closer to nature.

Carbon neutral

By going Carbon Neutral we can all contribute to reduce green house emissions. Donating to a non-profit organisation that plants trees helps to absorb carbon dioxide, reduce soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife and produce a clean, healthy environment for our water catchment areas.