Global warming CO2

“The World” our Earth, is a life support system and it’s free, in our hands, it is now facing the most catastrophic events in the history of man kind. The level of C02 in the atmosphere today is the highest in more than 750,000 years, the 22 warmest years ever recorded have occurred since 1980.

Global warming and climate change are the direct result of greenhouse gas emissions. Over 2500 of the world’s leading scientists collectively agree that this is the major contributing factor and the need to address this problem is wide scale.

Each year the world loses a total area of woodland equivalent to the size of Portugal, who, is in its worst drought for 100 years. If we continue to live the way we are, we will need another five planets to exist.

The Planet

The very thin skin around the planet in which we live is now at it’s greatest threat. We have shrinking forests, expanding deserts, falling water tables, eroding soils, rising temperatures and hostile seas.

More sever storms

Natural disasters have increased more than 4 fold over the last 40 years, windstorms 5 fold, flooding 6 fold and bushfires 10 fold.

Sever storm. Photo by Mike Hollingshead.

Disappearing Species

The number of gorillas in the world has depleted from 100,000 in 1985 to 20,000 today. Now, 15% of all plants and animals are threatened with extinction, 12% birds, 20% reptiles, 23% mammals, 31% amphibians and 40% fish.
Humans today have the ability to drive 500 million species to extinction.

Water / Glaciers

96% of all glaciers around the world are currently diminishing in size.
A third of the largest ice mass is in the Himalayas. By 2030, two thirds of the glaciers will perish. 300 million Chinese rely on water for irrigation. Over 1 Billion people are already suffering from a shortage of clean drinking water.

Glacier image.

When the glaciers are gone, there will be no irrigation water for the whole of Asia — putting the whole world in a nett food deficit, a major catastrphophy.


Since 1990 China’s C02 emissions have increased by 67% and for India it is 88%. If China has 3 cars for every 4 people, as does the USA — China will end up with 1.5 billion cars. The world today has 800 million. To drive these cars, China will need to pave an area equal to the area they now plant out in rice.


Global growth at 3% per annum is producing more ill health than wealth.
Each month 2500 tons of Toxic E Waste is shipped from the western world to Nigeria. Yet still, a single European consumes 50 tons of our planet's resources each year. How much more mass expansion of human enterprise do we need?

Deforestation image.

We are destroying the human habitat with our own hand, with our own technology and to no purpose. Governments and Industry may implement some change but with the systemic and inherent problems associated with Industry & consumerism, a dark cloud casts much doubt on the ability and trust relied upon for such change to occur.

We also believe that carbon trading may not reduce C02 emissions within an effective time frame. We have now engineered a situation in which the condition of the planet is deteriorating rapidly — for the sake of progress.

Let us not end up with another Easter Island. Think globally, act locally.


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